Management of blocking services

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Could you please help me to understand? - see picture:


If I click OFF the Blockage will deactivated? 

Is it now Blockage active according to this picture?


I think you need to change or the text or the buttons to be aligned and have better understanding. Thanks!



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You’re welcome :)

Yes , according the picture blockage is not active 

I understand that it can be confusing, think that you have to slide on “on”  buttion to activate it 

But thanks a lot  for your recommendation, customer experience is really important.


Thanks for your reply!

When you say the options are deactivated you mean that the Blockage is not active, right?


If it is like this, Than I have to click OFF in order to have ON active (block the communications), which is confusing. 


I recommend to use buttons with BLOCK and UNBLOCK (like in the text explanation above the buttons) to make it clearer to the customers. 

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Good morning, 

According the printscreen, the 3 options are deactivated, to be activate the “on” button need to be in dark blue.