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Dear Tango Support team,


I’d like to ask some questions about the Apple Watch Cellular availability in Luxembourg. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to buy an Apple Watch with a Cellular dataplan in Luxembourg (although the concept of the cellular+gps watch has been around for a long time).

Isn’t it technically possible to buy an Apple Watch Cellular+GPS online and put an e-sim on it at one of your Tango shops? You offer e-sims for smartphones but is it also possible to put it on an Apple watch? And may it be possible to have two esims (iphone + apple watch) and only one dataplan or two dataplans with the same price?


Thank you!


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Hi @Nimo ,


Unfortunately the E-SIM isn’t availabkle for the Apple Watch.


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When or will it ever be be possible to use an Apple Watch Cellular with Tango?

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Hi @weych ,


Thank you for your reply.


Unfortunatelly, as for now we don’t have thos informations . I invite you to check our forum regularly for any new notifications on the support of Apple Watch Cellular with Tango.


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