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Dear Tango,

Since last Friday, from 7 January, I’m left without internet access.

I announced Tango and I received a [CASE:995038] number. Someone from Post came to check the issue but since then I didn't hear anything else.

I took a card of 75GB to have a temporary internet access but the data plan from it will deplete quickly. 

How long should I wait to have my internet connection back? Is there a possibility to solve this in emergency? This is not a normal situation to be left without internet for such a long time.

Please escalate the situation, I can’t wait to be fixed!


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Hi @AndreaH ,


We’re really sorry for the incovinience.


the case is still ongoing on the POST Technologies side . 


They’re currently working on the resolution of the issue encountered.


Best regards,



It’s already 3 weeks since I don’t have any internet connection in the apartment.

Starting from 7th of January 2022 my existing connection stopped and never was functioning since.

According to Tango, a Post technician verified the box in the basement and realised that my fibre optic cable was removed and inserted to someone else connection. My ONT red light is still on.

I was expecting another call from Tango but they never called me since.

How long should I wait for my case, number 995038, to be fixed?

Send a technician as soon as possible to fix my connection for which I’m paying monthly subscription without having anything (no TV, no internet)! 

Shall I contact consumer protection in order to fix issues?


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Hello @AndreaH,

Thanks for replying to the post !

I’ll ask for your forgiveness regarding the delay that you had to face.

Following our phone call, I’m glad to hear that your service got restored.

Thanks and regards,