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I'm about to rent an apartment where the current tenant has a Tango plan for home Internet.
They mentioned that I can take over their plan, which allows them to not pay early exit fees, and me to not pay installation fees.

I wanted to confirm whether I would “inherit” the tenure of the plan of the current tenant.
For example, if they've been with Tango for 15 months, would my plan start at the 15-month mark or would I be considered a brand new customer that has a new 24-month contract with Tango?

I looked at this FAQ but it didn't mention anything about tenure: 

If the tenure is not kept, I don't see much benefit for me as installation fees are offered, but charged back to the customer in case of early exit.



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Good afternoon @mderriey !


Thank you for your request and welcome to our community!


After an takeover of the internet contract, the commitment period that is left will be also transfered to your file.


If we look at your given example you will keep your 15 month commitment duration and your contract will not be renewed to another 24 months.


I’ll be available if anything should not be clear or if you have another request.


Kind regards,

Hi Aris,

That's great news, thanks for confirming.
This information would be a great addition to the FAQ, so that people who wonder about the same thing can get the answer without posting anything.

Thanks again, have a great day.