High ping and internet slow down after 7pm (wired)


I am having issues with my wired internet.

During the day it is OK and I have 1 GB/s download and normal ping.

However after 7pm the internet speed drops to 80-200 mb/s and ping increases to around 200 with a lot of packet loss.

I have tried restarting my router but it does not help. Clearly it happens in the evenings and on my wired connection. 

I need your help please to resolve this issue.

Thank you 


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Goog Morning @obix


Welcome to our forum, and thank you for your message


In order to accurately measure the speed of your line, I advise you to do a speed test. Go to our online help to follow the advice of our experts: https://community.tango.lu/internet-landline-tv-18/internet-how-to-perform-a-speed-test-1476


However, I can see that you have another brand of router, other than FritzBox, we can not give you any support because Tango is only supporting FritzBox devices from AVM


Regarding your line, I didn’t see any problem


If, however, you are not satisfied with the solution provided, please contact me again as soon as possible on 800 77 777, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.


Have a nice day 



Hello @Salvatore.B 

I have ran a speed test and sent an email to your support with a proof of poor network performance.

As said, the issue does not happen during the day but only in the evenings. Why are you rejecting to address these issues because I am using a different router? What impact does the brand of the router have on the fact that after 7pm the network slows down?


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I can understand your position…



So I opened a technical request anyway to our engineers to check the line in case


But if the issue concerns the router, we can not help with that


We will give you feedback in the 48 hours to 5 open days maximum


Best Regards