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Getting started - Some tips on using the Forum properly

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Great! You have arrived on the Forum of Tango, the commercial brand of Proximus Luxembourg S.A. (the latter will also be referred to below as "Tango")!
Here, you can get to know the Tango Community, find the answers to your questions and help other users with your knowledge and good advice
Before going any further, we would like to share with you some tips and rules on using the forum, so that it remains an enjoyable place for everyone!
Do you have a question or a problem?

Maybe your question has already been asked on the forum…

First check that your question has not already been asked by another user. To do so, use the search bar in the forum or browse through the category that best corresponds to your question.

Be clear

The other users of the forum want to help you. To get an accurate answer, follow these tips:

  • Describe your problem as comprehensively as possible. 
  • Post your question in the right category (avoid posting your problems in "Discussion by the coffee machine"),
  • Choose an explicit title.
  • Include as many details as possible in your post.
  • If you are not necessarily looking for help on a topic, you can start a conversation. To do this, checkmark "Conversation" when creating the new topic
  • Don't give any personal information (phone number, customer account, etc.). Your post can be read by everyone on the forum, so maintain your privacy!

Why can't I send one or more private messages?

The Tango forum aims to develop a community of mutual aid between Tango customers and with Tango employees. Private messages do not promote knowledge sharing. If you wish to contact a Tango advisor directly, call us at 800 77 777.

Did you receive an adequate answer?

Brilliant! Let us know if it helped you by marking the answer as the "best answer" using the button you will find in the answers (this button is only available to the author of the question and the moderators or Community Manager of the forum. In this way users with the same question will be able to quickly find an adequate answer.
Also, feel free to "like" the other answers to show that you appreciated the posters' intervention.
One more thing: Information or answers on the forum are not always provided by a Tango employee. For these reasons, Tango cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information/answers.

Sharing your knowledge and helping others

Do you perhaps have experience with Tango products and services, or are you a technology buff?
We really appreciate it if you help others solve their problems and/or answer their questions. So, don't hesitate to look at the topics that have not yet been answered; you may be able to help.

Tango employees on the forum

Community Managers are mainly responsible for the smooth running of things on the forum. You can therefore contact them if you have an issue with other users on the forum, for example, or if you have a technical problem on the forum. They also serve as a relay between the Community and Tango. Community Managers are present on the forum at least once every working day.
Moderators deal with technical and administrative issues that other forum users cannot help you with.
Finally, there are other Tango employees on the forum. They are present of their own free will and out of personal interest. They have the status of "TGO Employee"

Response time management

The forum exists for and thanks to its Community. With most open-ended questions, the moderators will give the Community the opportunity to answer first. If the questions can only be answered by Tango, the moderators will of course answer as quickly as possible. Moderator response time is not instantaneous. Community Managers and moderators are not on the forum on weekends. For really urgent or personal issues, preferably contact us directly via our virtual assistant or by telephone at 800 777 77. FAQ: How to contact Tango.
With these rules, we want to ensure the forum is a pleasant place for everyone

Creating an account

As a forum visitor, you can read all messages posted on the forum. However, in order to be able to post messages, you must create an account; and for this you need an e-mail address.
Moderators may decide to block an account and deny a user access to the forum if the latter does not or no longer respects the forum rules or refuses to follow the moderators' requests.

Remain courteous

Hateful language, insults, defamation, racism, sexism, discrimination, etc. have no place here!
The moderators will intervene if they consider it necessary; they can intervene by modifying the content of a message, deleting messages or discussions or, if really necessary, withdraw someone's access to the forum.

Remain polite and relevant

On the Tango Forum, people ask questions or start discussions about Tango and its products and services. To retain a certain overview, we have provided a number of categories where you can place your messages.
Avoid repeating the same message several times, whether in one discussion or across different discussions, and do not post incorrect or irrelevant messages such as advertisements, claims or your personal data or that of others. Of course, we don't allow any illegal content or content that could harm other users (viruses, malware, etc..) or any other content for which you do not hold the copyright.

The moderators are there for you

The Community Managers and moderators of the Forum want to keep the forum enjoyable for everyone and will therefore ensure that these rules are applied to all users. If you feel that any of these rules are not being fully adhered to, please don’t hesitate to report it.
If a Community Manager ever addresses a remark to you, we count on you to take such a remark into consideration and adapt your behavior accordingly. Otherwise, the moderators will take appropriate action (block an account, delete messages, etc.).

Tango's responsibilities and commitments

Messages posted on the Forum reflect the opinion of their author, and not that of Tango or any other entity related to Tango. Tango cannot be held responsible for the content of messages posted on the Forum.
Tango does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the messages posted.
Tango reserves the right to delete inappropriate messages in full or in part at any time and for any reason. Since each message appears instantly online and moderation is done manually, it is impossible for Tango to control everything instantly. Given the restrictions imposed on it, Tango will moderate the forum as actively as possible.
Tango undertakes to respect the confidentiality of users' private data. The data collected for registration will remain strictly confidential.

Our terms and conditions of use for the Tango website also apply to the forum.

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