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Dear Tango Team,

We have a package at home which comprises 2x Mobile SIM cards and 1x Fiber Fixed line Internet Connection. We get only 1.5GB per month of data per head (for Mobile SIM, of course) and would like to explore if we can get more data for the same amount. Our subscription is from 2016 and looks like Tango offers much higher data for the amount we are paying every month.

Can you please help us get more data, as any new customer would get? Ideally 5-10GB per SIM card, per month. No change is needed to Fiber Fixed line internet.

Let me know if you need any information from my end.


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Dear trip-gaurav,

Welcome to our Forum and thank you for your message.

Of course, your mobile subscriptions that you made in 2016 can be migrated to our new offers.

To do so, please call our helpline at 800 777 77 or send us a message via the contact form on our Tango website.

Here is the link:


You will then receive a proposal adapted to your needs.

Best regards,




Thank you Steve. I have an open case with Tango. CASE:1073309. Can you please have someone respond to it today please? I have just asked a few questions and then will happily move to some new plan once my questions are answered.


Thanks again.

Gaurav Tripathi


Hello trip_gaurav,

Your request is being processed and you will receive a reply by email.


Claudia, Tango.