Tango switched my mobile plan WITHOUT asking for consent


my phone bill increased recently. I thought it was due to more frequent international calls but after checking my invoice, I realised Tango switched my cell phone contract WITHOUT asking for my confirmation!

It switched from ‘Tango K.O.’ with Internet Mobile L included for 18 € per month to ‘Tango Smart XL’ for 50 € per month 2 months ago without my consent! This is a monthly increase by 32 €.

I hereby request to undo this transition and I am also asking for a refund of the difference I paid too much during the past 2 months of 64 € (= 32 € x 2 months).

Kind regards


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Good morning Sebastian,

Thank you for your message and welcome to our forum.

After checking your file, I noticed a new Tango Smart XL contract with a commitment of 12 months was made in Tango Shop Bertrange on October 30th 2020 at 17:43.

It will not be possible to change back to Tango K.O. without being charged for early cancellation fees for the remaining months.

A refund will not be possible either.

Steve, Tango

Good morning Steve,

thanks for the reply. 

The 30th October my wife has been in Bertrange to pick up a new modem after the old one had connection issues. She has been in the technical building in Bertrange to pick-up the new device.

She did not sign up for a new contract or whatsoever, we simply swaped and exchanged the modem for a new one. She even did not have to sign any documents.

And I want to put things clear: YOU’RE HERE IN THE POSITION to prove to us that we signed up for a new contract by showing us signed contracts or order forms!

We do not accept this shift and will eventually submit a complaint at ULC if the contract is not revoked as we did NOT sign up for a new contract. In the end it is the mistake of TANGO, we did not have any reason to swap contracts.

Kind regards,


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Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for coming back.

I have checked the case and a solution has been found.

I shall inform you about the outcome in a private message soon.

Best regards,

Steve S.