smsishing attempt: impersonating LuxPOST for parcels, with http://bit.do link



A few days back I received this SMS in French:

“ Luxembourg POST: Votre colis est retenue dans notre centre de distribution. Veuillez suivre les instructions ici: http://bit.do/mon-colis

from this number:  42379065778

It looks like a scam to me,

but is it possible to have a cybersecurity analysis from Tango or its CSIRT ?


Thanks in advance.


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Dear @adyendre 

Thank you for your request .

I can confirm that Tango is not the sender of these communications; this is probably a case of phishing. To find out more about phishing and how to protect yourself against it, go to our FAQ:


Kind regards. 

Diana, Tango

Thank you, Diana,

but my question was rather aiming at finding out what is Tango actively doing to identify the sources of these text messages, to block such numbers, etc. ?


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Hi @adyendre ,


Our engineers are tracking those phising numbers and block them in our network if it isn’t the case we inform our customers to not reply to those numbers and then block them.


Best Regards,