Infinity share, wrong data usage?


I have a SIM with infinity share (20 euro), and I received two messages saying that I have to use 2 additional packages of 5 euro = 500 mb because I used more than 4 Gb (see screenshots).


As you can see from my screenshots, the phone says that I used 6.37 Gb for Instagram that should be included in the Infinity offer. I see only reels and they don’t come from external websites, since are saved in Instagram servers.


Is there any issue?






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Hello @4nfr10 ,


You should check this procedure : 

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to SIM cards and mobile networks
  • Choose the SIM
  • Access point names
  • Press the button “ Reinitialise ”
  • Press the button “ Add new APN ”
  • Enter the following details : Name : internet  APN : internet
  • Press the button with the 3 little dots and then “ Save ”
  • Chosse the freshly created APN and reboot your phone


After this procedure everything should become back to normal . Unfortunattely all of your package was already consumed .


Best regards,

Thanks for the response.


Could you please explain why I should reset the APN? Is it something that has changed in January?


And, when you say: “Unfortunattely all of your package was already consumed”, does it mean that I have to pay for additional packages that should be included in my offer but for some strange reason was not counted as free usage?



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Hi @4nfr10 ,


The proxy might be the origin of the issue . The proxy in your APN shouldn’t be configured and theregore you should reconfigure your APN.


As for the package that was additionally added , it will be adjusted so you won’t pay for the package .


Please fix the APN settings like asked so that an additional package won’t open again.


Best regards,

Ok, thanks.