I need to cancel my Tango account

I’ve moved out of Luxembourg and need to cancel my Tango number, as well as transfer a number to another account holder. I’ve been trying to do this for many weeks now - I’ve sent in the documents my post, contacted Tango through the online forms and called Tango multiple times. Whenever I call, Tango customer service has repeatedly told me they will call me back to further help, but never have. This is very, very frustrating customer service - is there another means of contacting Tango to have this taken care of? 


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Dear glb0704,

Thank you for your message an welcome to our forum.

Please know that today I have cancelled the line you wanted to cancel.

Regarding the transfer of your Smart XXL+ contract, I have to inform you that this request was refused because the part “"bon pour cession et acceptation de cession" on the very bottom of page 1 was neither signed by you nor the new tenant. 

May I therefore ask you to resend us the document with the missing signatures via the contact form of our website as you did before.

Best regards,


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Hello @Pesen , 

I can confirm that your lines are now cancelled .

Thanks and regards

Thank you for cancelling the line. Regarding the transfer, I’ve resent the document with signatures via contact form. Please let me know if the transfer can now be processed. 




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Thank you for coming back.

The back office team is off now until Monday.

I shall leave a note to my colleagues asking them to handle your request as a priority on Monday morning. Should there still be something wrong, they will contact you straight away.

Have a good weekend.


I am experiencing exactly the same issue here. Can you tell me when this torture will end? I have been sharing my documents on public forum desparate to help, and did not get help except hiding  personal information on the chat with a response that I will be privately reached out, 

Then the vicious cycle starts: I receive an email redirecting me here or asking to call the call center, which holds me 5 min on the line before gets automatically disconneted costing 20EUR of roaming because I am no longer in Luxemburg. 



I no longer want or need the internet account that i have. I would like to cancel it as well as the fix line i have attached to this contract.

I would like to cancel the line as of 30th of November 2021. My account is 27320000



Hi Mihai,

Please check your MP.