still no internet !

Hello, I moved to a new apartment, just 650m away! I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks now and still no internet. Your technician came last Friday, and left without blaming Post for failing to give the connection. Today I called Post, they sent a technician in 1 hour, and found that the Tango technician did not connect the cable in the box. However, I still do not have internet. I have called your customer service at least 3-4 times today, they promised to call me before 8pm, and no there is no response still. I think I’ve been patient & reasonable in this, but I think making me wait any longer is absolute disregard. Can you at least have someone call for troubleshooting?


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Hello, Mr ANDERSEN, 


In order to solve the situation, I sent you a private message asking you the account the number to make a complete troubleshoot, you can answer to it, or, if you prefer, you can call our helpline 777 from 9AM until 6PM and ask for technical department


Kind Regards,


I did not receive any private message.

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I just sent it again