No mobile data while on an active phone call


Tango Mobile data doesn’t work when I am on an active phone call. My VoLTE is turned on, still I am facing this issue since I got tango,


also the 4G reception is quite poor near Neudorf, Luxembourg with signal strength 1 out of 5


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Hi @nvyas ,


I’m sorry to hear that you had issues with the VoLTE option . I reconfigured this option on your account and it should be working now.


As of the 4G signal near Neudorf , are you encountering this issue on a specific place or anywhere around/in the city?


Best regards,


Hi Alin,


I have problem across the city with 4G connectivity, but within Neudorf it is quite bad.


also what are the 5G zones in around Luxembourg City?


By the way, I verified and I still cannot use Mobile data as soon as I get on a phone call

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Hi @nvyas ,


for the moment the zone fully covered by the 5G is at Hamilius . Yet we’re working on the expension of the 5G through the country.


As for the 4G connection within Neudorf a technical rapport has been created in order to find if there are any coverage issues impacting this city.


Regarding the VoLTE issue , have you tryed to reboot the phone since our last conversation?


Best Regards,


I have exactly the same issue. Data is always down when I'm on phone calls. Please help!

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Hello @Bia,

Thanks for replying to the post ! 

I have activated the requested option,

Could you please confirm that it is working now ?

Thanks and regards,