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I am interested in the online offer for Tango Fibre L. I only have one question, according to the offer the cabling and installation is included for FREE in the pricing, but is this if the Fiber cabling is already installed?

I’ve had a technician that checked the apartment and it does not have the proper cabling for fiber. 


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Hi ngkortsilas,


Our technician can pull new fiber cables while the installation and this is offered by Tango.

Although, there three cases were there are charges of 140€ for the customer:

  • If the cable that is pulled mesures more than 30 meters.
  • If the installation takes more than 2 hours.
  • If the first technician needs the help of a second technician.

In one of those cases, your installation is a complex installation.

We cannot know if your installation will be a complex installation before our technician comes on site.

He will also inform you if it is one or not and will ask you to sign a document if you accept it.


In the hope that these informations will help you.



Thank you very much Raffaele,


So once I placed my order online, then the relevant team will contact me? Is that correct?

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Yes, you enter a contact phone number and your email address in your online order and our team will contact you.


Best regards