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I'm using your TANGO network in roaming and unfortunately I cannot do phone calls or receive/send SMSs.

The problem is that I'm registered in your 4G network so I can use my internet connection but as soon as I try to make a phone call (the system switch to 2G/3G) it says that I'm not connected to the network. Of course in places without 4G coverage I cannot even use the internet.

Is it possible that an foreign number in roaming is registered in your 4G network but not in the 2G/3G ones? This is what's happening and my company does not believe it and don't want to call you to confirm that this is the problem. They insist on changing the APN parameters which have nothing to do with the calls or SMS.

As a result I don't have mobile phone services while I'm in Luxembourg.



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Dear jjcarreiras

You may be in an area without optimal network coverage. Try to move.

You are experiencing a mobile network problem. I advise you to restart your device.

If that didn't help, try changing the phone operator in your network settings.

However, if the problem persists, I invite you to connect to tango.lu and carry out the troubleshooting steps with the help of our chatbot. Here

Kind regards. 



Thank you Diana for your message,

I see that it's not only my company that doesn't believe me, you also don't believe me.

The problem is not the network coverage, the problem happens all around the country: Kirchberg, City Center, Junglisnter, ... In some places I have excellent network coverage, as excellent that I can use internet with 4G. The problem happens when I try to call (even in those places with excellent coverage). For phone calls the network to be used are 2G/3G (except if you offer the service VoLTE which is not the case) and when my phone try use those 2G/3G networks it seems that I'm not connected to the network (but I'm still connected to your 4G network).

Changing the operator will not work either, my company has only agreement with TANGO in Luxembourg, the others (Orange and POST) are not allowed.

So sorry to insist, Is it possible that a phone number in roaming is registered in the 4G network and not in the 2G/3G ones?

I think the problem is in the parameters exchanged between TANGO and my company for the roaming.


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Hello @jjcarreiras,

Thanks for posting on our Forum ! 

Could I kindly advise you to check your private messages in order to get further pieces of information ? 

Thanks and regards,