changing house

we are going to move and we need to move our line. what do we have to do ? thanks (i tried to call but i can’t find the line free)

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Hello Marco, 

To schedule the move of your line, I need some private informations. 

I will send you private message for that.


good morning, we had a RDV today monday 4 may to change the line from our former house to the new one. 

a technician of post showed up and fixed what was of his competence and told us that a technician tango should arrive the same day, but nobody arrived.

for us is a BIG problem, we arranged the day of our move according to the adls moving RDV because i NEED the line for smartworking and my children need the line for home schooling, so please contact me as soon as possible to fix the problem. 

thank you very much

marco somenzi

Hello Marco,

After checking your line, I can see that the line is activated.

I will contact you to check the cabling and the configuration of your Fritzbox.

Best regards