bad connection speed

my connection speed  frequently caps at +/- 90 mbit/s while i should have 1000 mbit/s, restarting sometimes helps but the problem always reoccurs


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Good morning @Tee , 

Glad the incident was resolved :)

You can get a cable at our service center, but what we offer is only 1 meter long.

Best regards

I just realized that the cable i was using and have now exchanged with one of mine was the one that has been provided by you (Tango). 

Is that a part of my Fritz Box rental and should i get a new one from you or do i own that cable and it is my responsability?

Thanks in advance

thank you very much,

the change of the cable seems to solve the problem for now, I’ll keep speed-testing, the next days and keep you updated should the speed fall again. Strange thing is that this cable was never a problem before.

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Good morning, 

Thanks fir the informations :) 
after checking your line I can see that the cable between fiber box and fritzbox is the wrong category.
The cable should be CAT5E minimum.
Could you please check that on your side ?

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Good morning , 

I’am not able to find you as customer.

Could you please check your private message ?