Unsolicited change in internet connection

My internet connection package was Tango Fibre L (at Eur 49.99 + Eur 4.99 for communication package). In May 2021 this was changed automatically and without any explanation to Tango Fibre M (at Eur 54.00 + Eur 4.99 for communication package).


Can you kindly explain why my internet is now more expensive and less performant? Why aren’t such changes communicated to the client?


I have already written to you three weeks ago (if not more) under case number **** . My question on this point was ignored.




Meilleure réponse par Touska 9 June 2021, 11:07

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Good morning , 

On 2018 you made a contract for Fiber L (300mb) at 54.99  with a discount at 49.99€ this discount is now finish.

On our side we changed our priceplans and your old Fiber L is our new fiber M, the speed is exactly the same.

In adivse to visit our website to find out about our offers

Thanks and regards 

Thank you for that information Touska. I will be contacting you after the summer to upgrade my speed.

Why aren’t existing customers informed automatically about offers?? 

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You’re welcome :) 

We can send your our newsletter by email if you want or  you can visit our website often to find our new offers and discount 

Kind regards