Terrible Customer Service

My partner and I have just moved in together. We both had separate Tango Internet contracts so we needed to move one and terminate the other.

After two conversations with Tango staff, one over the phone and the other in person in the store, we were told that my contract was at the end of the minimum period at the end of July 2023. We moved my partner's contract over to our new residence and requested the cancellation of my contract for the end of July as advised (twice) by Tango representatives.

I have now received a final bill for my contract of nearly €750. This appears to include a further 5 months of service changes plus the cost of the installation and administration fees.

Speaking to another representative, again in the store, I was told they would open a case to investigate; I would be called by someone (CASE:1279394). I am still waiting for a call two weeks later.

Even though we have cancelled a service we are still a customer of Tango, for Internet and mobile.


I cannot believe this is what passes for fair and reasonable treatment of your own customers!!! Someone needs to look into this case!!!


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HI @angrygraeme

I understand your dissatisfaction, but after checking your file I see that you entered into a contract with us on 06/12/2021 with a commitment of 24 months to know until 06/12/2023. Due to early termination fees have been charged to you. 

For more information, consult the details and terms and conditions on: https://www.tango.lu/sites/tango/files/tango_liste_des_tarifs_20230427_0.pdf

However, I agree to grant you an exceptional credit note for the fees charged for the remainder of your commitment. 

The amount of 265.22€ will be deducted immediately from your current invoice

I hope I have satisfied your request. 

KInd regards 

Diana , Tango