Tango not showing up 2 times for a confirmed instalation appointment


It happened to me that I waited for tango 2 afternoons, in line with the agreed Fiber installation appointments, for which nobody came. As there is a minimum 7 day period between appointments it’s been 3 weeks since the order. Tango is offering yet a 3rd appointment but for which I have not trust that it will happen. WHAT would you do? Accept 3rd time or cancel the contract?


Meilleure réponse par Luca 11 April 2022, 10:52

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Hello @ergus,

Thanks for the contribution to our forum ! 

I am sorry to hear that the process of the installation has not been ideal.

Could you please check your private messages ? 

Thanks and regards, 

Hi Luca,

Can you advise which PM you are referring to? I have checked my this forum, my profile, e-mail and even SPAM folder and found none.

Thanks and kind regards.

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Hello @ergus,

Thanks for the reply ! 

Normally, you should have gotten an email notification now that leads you to the private message section.

Kind regards,