Dear Tango, 


i had my home internet installed on the 10.09.2020, the first day the internet connection after the technician left was extremely poor. On the 19.09.2020 my internet stopped…. since then i am trying to get hold on any support from Tango with no success. 

Paid 100 EUR for installation….  to not have internet at all. I been promised by support on the phone on the 19th sept that someone from your technicians will call me but unfortunately no one did so far and i still dont have internet at all…. 

I am working from home and been forced to use my  mobile data shared in order to work and i will be billed extra on the phone  bill this month because of it.

Could you please  give some attention to my request and  fix my internet ?





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Hi Mrs.

As seen together online, I opened a technical report to check your line.

I will keep updated of the resolution.

Best regards

Dears,  the appointment of the technician to come was today the 23.09 at 8 am in the morning and noone ever came ….. 

why ?



Hello Mrs,

I talked with the planning service about your appointment.

Let me contact you by private message to inform you.