My Internet never reach anywhere close to 100Mbits just like the contract says


I am Tango Internet VDSL customer with 100Mbits Download speed in contract.

Since I used it, from April 12th until today, the speed never reach anywhere 100Mbits.

It is always around 20Mbits with various speed test providers, day and night.

I called the customer service at the end of April about the problem, the customer service will reach out back to me for technical check, but until now, no news at all and the speed does not change at all.

I used LAN Cable from the router, but the speed does not change.


Can you please help?

Due to my work, now, I need quicker connection, and unfortunately, Fiber does not available for my building.

Thank you.
Looking forward for your help

Best regards,


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Hello @hqqar ,


I’d like to thank you for your participation at the forum!


The cable which you tested your speed with is it a RJ45 wire?


Have you installed a repeater or more?


Click here for a detailed support for a WiFi issue.


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As you can see in the image above (taken from the router interface), the throughput is 26,8 Mbits, which is 26% out of the contract