Internet speed still only +- 85 Mbs in place of the 300 Mbs contracted

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Hello Tango,

My speed with Tango Fiber M is around 85 Mbs ipo of the contracted 300 Mbs.

  • I called  on Dec 16th 2021 in the morning your help line and have been forwarded to a technician who told me he was checking.
  • In the afternoon on Dec 16th, a technician called me and asked if I could stop by in Bertrange with my modem (Fritzbox 7530)  to have a reset performed. 
  • I stopped by on Dec 17th in the morning and the technician performed some tests and don´t know what else. He finally showed me that the modem was performing around 270, 280 Mbs.
  • Back at home, reinstalling the modem, the same problem showed up with only a speed around ± 85 Mbs.
  • I already have tried powering off and on again after a few minutes the installed ONT and after that th Fritzbox, no change

Could a technician please again check out the connection and configuration of my internet access please.

Thank you very much



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Hi @RolH ,


it seems like the cable between your ONT and the FritzBox might be damaged or briged to 100 mbps . 


Could you please change this RJ45 ( ethernet ) cable by one of cat 6 or higher ?


Thank You.


Best Regards,

Hi Alin,

I have cat 6 ethernet cabling everywhere, even cat 7 from the ONT to the FRitzbox. Sorry, one thing I didn´t try was changing the cables. Don´t know what happened, but by changing one of the cables form the distribution box to the fritzbox gave me back the 300 Mbs. 

So, problem resolved by changing the cable. Many thanks and happy hollidays for you and your staff