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I have a Tango Fibre M subscription since 2017 which was 100Mbps at the time, but I’ve been informed that the speed should have been upgraded to 300Mbps. I spoke to the customer service today and they confirmed that the speed of my connection has been updated to 300Mbps in July 2021, but my connection speed is much slower than that. Below you may see the result of the speed test based on the wifi bandwidth. I am currently using a FritzBox 7560 and I see similar speeds on both my laptop and mobile phone. Could you please let me know what needs to be done to fix my internet speed?

2.4ghz: 100Mbps download / 70Mbps upload

5ghz: 140Mbps download / 70Mbps upload



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Hi @bozbay ,


Your internet offer is still the same old one ( 150 mbps ) and therefore you have the speed around 140 mbps . You can however ask for the new offer of the Tango Fiber M .


You can contact us on 800 777 77 to do so or via our website Tango.lu 


For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us back.


Best Regards,