Internet Speed below 300Mbps on Tango Fibre L


I signed up for internet with Tango about one month ago. I signed up for Tango Fibre L, which should be giving us up to 1Gbit/s download speed. However, we are getting MUCH slower speed than that. The highest speed I've ever recorded in my testing is 300Mbit/s with an ethernet cable, and 200Mbit/s over wifi. As I'm writing this message right now, I've just recorded 70Mbit/s (it occasionally disconnects altogether, it’s pretty inconsistent).

The first time I contacted Tango about this via email, I was asked to run an internet speed test…. despite me sending the exact same message as above including my internet speed test results.

I then called Tango, and was told that an engineer would look into it and contact me.

After not hearing anything for about a week, I called back today. I was told that they had no problems on their end and were supplying 1Gbit/s. The engineer told me that it was likely a limitation of my computer. Which I think sounds like nonsense. I looked into it (with my admittedly low technical knowledge), and my Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 should have a max speed of 867 Mbps. So why is my speed so much lower?

Is there any way you can improve our speed to the advertised level? Or is there any other way we can troubleshoot?


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Hi @T-Dogg ,


I asked for a technician to come by in order to check where the issue encountered could come from .


Our intervention team will call you in order to make an appointement.


Best Regards,


Thank you, I have an appointment with the technician tomorrow. I will update this topic after the appointment.

The technicians came today and were very helpful. Were able to verify that they were getting the correct speed and the issue was in fact hardware related. Thank you Tango for all your help!