internet settings disappeared - no internet

Hi Tango. 

I lost my internet connection while trying to configure my mesh network and even though I have changed everything back to the original settings there is still no internet.

it would be helpful to have the instructions on what settings to use as well as the username/password for my internet account to enter into the router. 

Maybe you should consider having a section where a customer can access their account details and setup instructions. I logged in and searched for this but couldn’t find it. If it does exist I would be very grateful if anyone can share how to access it.

grateful for any help in fixing this as internet is down for the whole household.



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Hello @Dan123 !


Welcome to our forum and thank you for your reply!


For security reasons, I’ve send you a private message.



Very quick and helpful response from the support team. Basically clarifying that no username/password is needed as it gets pre-filled.