Internet connectivity not working

Has there been any changes recently on the Router config? My home internet has stopped working, although my devices are connected to the Router SSID, I have absolutely not throughput?

This is my own personal router which I configured with Tango config and was working without any issues however stopped recently.


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Good morning , 

No changes on the configuration of your line.

The issue still persists ? 

Thanks and regards

Yup… I reset my whole router and enter all PPoe details which authenticated but my router doesn’t have any traffic from the DSL Exchange

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Thanks for your answer, 

Since this morning we have a general issue on internet connection, our engineers are working on it. We apologize

Kind regards

Hi Touska,

please note that this issue did not start from today, it has been ongoing for a little while now! Can you please check and get back to me so I can check connectivity from my router to DSL Exchange later when I get home.

Thank you

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Hi @dawatenzin ,


we tryed to reach you but unfortunattely you weren’t available.


The issue seems to come from your router.


Best regards,