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We moved house last week and an agent tried to connect us. He said the connection from Post wasn’t active. This appears to be a common theme from the multiple posts I read on the forum?

There is a black box which the yellow fibre connects to, with 4 lights on it, Power, Alarm, PON and LAN. The power button was green, PON was red. Other 2 lights were off.

The Tango agent told us that when the PON light went green, we could connect our Fritz box and the connection would be live!

Today, the power and PON lights are green. Alarm and LAN lights remain off. We have connected the Fritzbox, and the power and WLAN lights are on and green. I am able to connect to the Fritzbox with http://fritz.box and I can see that the internet connection isn’t online.

We have not heard back from Tango. I tried calling this morning but the person on the phone could not help me with the technical issue. Can you please help me?




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Good afternoon, 

After checking your file I can see that we need to send back a technician at your home.

Please contact our planning service at 27 777 530.

Thanks and regards 



in my case the problem persist, no internet at all

Internet just work for 2hours then this is what happened. Red light alarm. What can I do? I need Internet to work


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Hello @Pjfmoura 

I made a technical report regarding your line, a technician should come to check the installation.

We will update you asap 

Thanks and regards

Wonderful service. 

A technician from Post already came here and fix it fast. Thanks a lot