Installation and configuration of the router



For our case with number [CASE:*****] we didn't received an answer so I'm trying to get here a response.


In our building the Post installed the fiber but we can't configure the router or the connection with Tango's PON we already have.


We would like to request a technician visit to configure the router and make our internet connection available as soon as possible since we are working from home.


Please let us know when this would be possible?

Merci !




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Good morning, 

We need to create a new order, for that two options:

-visit https://www.tango.lu/fr/particulier/offres/internet/abonnement/tango-fibre and schedule your appointment online.

-call helpline to make the appointment.

Best regards

Good morning Touska,

Thanks for your answer.

I won't make a new contract since we already have one but I will call the helpline to make an appointment for tehnician visit.

Have a great day!

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I checked you line today and I can see that the appointment is schedulded

Best regards 

Good morning,

Today, on 07/05/2021 in the morning, the technicians came to my appartment so as to install a new internet connection (cables, modem and configuration).

They can not complete the installation because it is needed a more specified and experienced technician.

Therefore, I would like to have a new appointment with other technician so as to solve the problem.

Please come in contact with me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Aikaterini Tzianampeti

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As seen together this morning by chat we will contact you back as soon we receive the report of the technician

Best regards