Fritzbox 7490 firmware update

Fritzbox has released the new firmware (7.56) for 7490 but I am not allowed to update my own router. When shall we expect Tango to remotely update it? More importantly, is it possible to configure the router for full client control?


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Hello @okoksal !


Welcome to the Tango Forum and I thank you for your request !


Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when we will update your Fritz!Box with the 7.56 firmware, as we are testing the firmware together with AVM.


It is also impossible to configure the router for full client control due to security reasons.



Hi @okoksal !

It IS possible to configure your router to full client control, as I have done so myself.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that you need to be tech-savy to do this.

Tango support will no longer be able to connect to your router, and if you break something, you have to ask customer support for your internet/landline credentials.

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Hello @max435638 !


Thank you for your comment !


Well, you can configure your router for full client control, but we do not recommend such action as you will lose the caution and the support



Thanks for the comments. I have been doing it myself the whole time. I was surprised to see I am not allowed anymore when I switched to Tango. There are indeed options to disable ISP interference but it did not work. Plus, I don’t know my credentials… For the moment I am going with the flow and try to avoid the urge for overthinking - I just hope Tango is optimizing it.