FRITZ!Box 5530


I want to make a new 1Gbps connection and use the specific fiber router. Is this OK to use?

Does the fiber optic cable connects directly into the router or still an ONT box is needed?



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Good morning, 

If you wan to use an other router you can.

It must be compatible with PPPoE connection, and an ONT box is needed.

Kind regards

Hello again,

I want to use FRITZ!Box 5530 in order to avoid having too many cables in my homeserver box.

So, I just want to know only if the specific router is compatible with the 1Gbps line and if the fiber optic cable in my house will connect directly into the router (without the need of an ONT box). 


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Hello again, 

I can’t confirm that because we are not using this option.

If you choose this modem we will not able to give you a complete support.

Best regards