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Hello. I have a "Country blocked" issue.
Two years ago, as replacement for a misfunctioning Tango TV component with my Tango Internet subscription, I had to switch to another provider for the TV part (LOL TV mobile). That TV functionality worked fine almost for two years using my Tango Fibre Internet connection with my Android smart phone (Wifi), my Android tablet (Wifi) or an Android TV box (either Wifi or Ethernet cable) connected to a large screen. Unfortunately, since last Friday, the TV app only plays channels from my smallest screen, the smart phone, either through Wifi or 4G. With the two other devices, tablet and TVbox, the TV app fails to login to the network, with an error message "country blocked" or "please check your Internet connection", although my Internet and Wifi is perfectly OK for all other tasks. All suggestions to solve the problem failed: clear app cache; reinstall app; android factory reset; reboot Fritzbox; check external IP address, which is confirmed to be in Luxembourg. The TV app of my tablet works fine at the premises of the TV app provider, but not at my home. Therefore the provider thinks there is something abnormal with my IP address. Strangely, the TV app requests permission to get MCC+MNC operator codes for logging in. I understand that can be required for a smartphone 4G connection, but I don't understand how and why that is required with a home modem-router. Please help.


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Hi George, 

I opened a technical report regarding your issue.

Thanks and regards

Thank you.

In the meantime, this morning, the provider of the TV app called me: the issue was on their side and seems to be solved now. They didn’t give me the exact reason of the connection failure, but I suspect the application did a wrong country check, and the bug has been corrected now.

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