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I am writing this post as a request for help from Tango Customer Services, and also as a warning to Tango customers who might want to leave Luxembourg before their contract ends.

My wife and I moved to Luxembourg in May 2022. When we moved we knew that we were unlikely to be here for long, so we made sure to find an internet contract that would allow us to break the contract without fees if we needed to move away. We chose Tango since they offered this, and we also received email confirmation from Tango that if we left Luxembourg before our two year contract ended, we could terminate it without fees.

Well, now the day has come - we are leaving Luxembourg 6 months early, and we're being told that we must pay a fee of €960 to cancel! Tango themselves don't seem to know what's happening - some of the agents we have spoken to say that we won't have fees to pay and other say we do, and are quoting a change to the terms and conditions in November 2022 as the reason (which we neither saw nor accepted).

Has anyone experienced this?

Tango - please confirm that my contract will be cancelled without fees, given that the contract I signed allowed for moving away as a valid cancellation reason. In no way did I indicate that I accepted the changes to terms that you claim to have inserted, and your flexibility was the reason we decided to go with you in the first place. I have seen precedent on this forum that has resulted in a favourable outcome for the customer, so I hope we can reach the same conclusion here.


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Hello Tango!

I received a call from your customer services department in response to this post last Thursday, 28th September, at 16:09. The agent was very helpful and said he was going to try and get it resolved, and would try to call back on Friday 29th September. I never received a call, and didn't receive a call yesterday either. Would you be kind enough to chase this up for me?

Thank you!


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Dear Adam,

Welcome to our Forum and thank you for your messages.

I am sorry that it took us a few days to respond, but please know that we handle all cases individually in order to find the best solution. 

As you know in the meantime, the General Terms and Conditions of our contracts changed and became effective on December 1st 2022. 

We have informed our customers about this change on the invoice dated November 9th. Our General Terms and Conditions are visible on our Tango Website, here is the link:


Eventually, I am pleased that we solved your demand to your satisfaction during our phone conversation yesterday afternoon.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Wishing you and your wife a nice day,



Thanks so much, Steve.

One last question… as part of our original request we also asked about my wife’s mb]boiler contract, which was attached to the same account. Please could you confirm that this will also be cancelled on 31st October? Thank you!

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Good Afternoon Adam,

thank you for recontacting us.

Your wife’s mobile subscription will be terminated as well on October 31st.

A final invoice will be sent to you November 10th approx.

Wishing you a good weekend,