[CASE:678789] Bill and Payment problem



I have a question of my bill and payment for last may and june.

I canceled subscription of my internet and 2 mobile phone in 7.May.

(mobile lines 691 XXX XXX, 691 XXX XXX and the fixed line number 27 XXX XXX) [phone numbers deleted by moderator]

You can find my contact form number to cancel it[CASE:678789].

I also enclosed my proof letter from my company to avoid cancellation charge.

Additionally, I called you to inform my cancellation as well.

If you have record of my request over the phone, you can check it.


But after then, internet and mobile fee have been charged continuously for all of May and June.

I think this overcharged cost should be reimbursed since 7.May as I definitely informed my intention to stop all of my subscription in accordance with your official procedure.

I issued several times by contact form from end of July, however nobody could give me enough answer or explanation.

Please check again my request for overcharged bill.

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Good afternoon luckyjw2,

Thank you for taking the time to write us and welcome to our forum.

I shall fully analyse your file and shall come back to you as soon as possible regarding your case 678789.

Thank you for your patience whilst investigating this matter.

Best regards,



Hello Steve,


You said my positive balance(108.35 EUR.) caused by overcharged bill would be reimbursed to my account as your separate email in 17-Aug.

Now already passed 10 working days since your notice.

Could you please check again when this reimbursement will be done?

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Good morning Jinwon,

I have just checked your file and found that your reimbursement request is still being processed.

It will take a few more days. Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,