I'm getting an error message on my TV

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"No network connection... Open network settings?"
Your TV decoder is not receiving the TV stream via Wi-Fi:

  •  Make sure that the Wi-Fi of your FRITZ!Box is activated.
  •  Restart your FRITZ!Box and your decoder.

If the picture has not returned: go to the menu of your decoder and check that your TV box is properly connected to your Wi-Fi.

Tango Tip: if you need help activating the Wi-Fi, consult our FAQ on this subject.

"There are no applications available at this time"

  •  First check that your decoder is properly connected to your FRITZ!Box: Ethernet cabling, synchronized PLCs. Also check that everything is in good working order.
  •     Restart your system: FRITZ!Box and TV decoder.
  •     Make sure that the Internet connection is working properly by testing the Internet stream via another device, such as a computer, mobile, etc.

"Wrong user code. Please try again"

The code you entered is not recognized. The codes can be found on your TV contract.

If you have personalized it and forgotten it, our Customer Service can send it to you by text message.

Tango Tip: click the "Show code entered" option, in case you made an error when entering the code.

"The limit on the number of decoders has been reached"

Your TV contract allows you to connect one or more decoders and up to three devices with the My Tango TV app (available on the App Store and Google Play).

This message indicates that you are trying to connect more decoders than is possible under your contract.

Contact our Customer Service, who will check the devices already connected.

"This content is not included in your subscription"
The program you are trying to watch is not included in your TV offer.

You can upgrade your TV offer in the menu:

Menu => My offer => Channel packages => Select the channel package of your choice.

 "Parental Control activated"

The content is blocked by the "Parental Control" function.

For your children's safety, the parental control prohibits them from making purchases (VoD) without your consent and from watching programs that may shock them.

Here's how to set the parental control:

 1. Click the Home button on the remote control of your Tango TV box.

    2. Go to the "Settings" menu of your interface.

    3. Scroll down to your profile (by default, the profile is called "Tango").

    4. Enter your parental code.
    5. Change the age to what you prefer.

 "Playback failed: Replay, VOD, recordings"

  • If this message appears during a live program: wait a few seconds.
  •     If the message remains: unplug your TV decoder and plug it back in again.
  •     If this does not work: please check the connection and, if necessary, contact our Customer Service.
  •     If this message appears during a program in replay, recording or VOD mode: restart your box and try to watch your program again.
  •     If the problem persists, contact our Customer Service. It is important to give them as much information as possible when you call, along with details of the program and the channel concerned.

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