How do you create a new topic/ask a new question?

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Step 1: Use the search engine at the top of the forum to check if your question is already being discussed in an existing topic.

Step 2: Find the right place for your topic. Select the category that corresponds to your question.  For example:

If your question is about your mobile subscription, post your question here.
If your question concerns your Internet subscription, post your question here.
If your question concerns your TV subscription, post your question here.

If in doubt, post your new question here. A moderator will classify your question.

Step 3: Click "Create topic" next to your profile picture:

Step 4: Choose whether your topic is a question or a conversation

Decide whether your topic is a question or a conversation. A conversation is a normal topic of discussion. If you make your topic a question, you can mark an answer from another user as an answer. This will help other users who have the same question to find the solution more quickly.

Step 5: Create a title

Now you will need to define a title for your topic – preferably give it a short but descriptive title. It should include, for example, the name of your product or service. That way, other community members can quickly see if they can help you.

Step 6: Detail your question

Describe your problem in as much detail as possible. The answers will be more precise and relevant.  Be careful, however, not to post private information (e-mail address, phone number, etc.). All this information will be shared in public.

Astuce Tango: You can also add images and videos to your question; see here for a detailed tutorial.

Step 7: Add # tags

If possible, add tags with keywords that describe your topic.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to post them!


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