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There are 3 essential codes for your Tango TV:

1. An activation code

You must enter the activation code the first time you use your TV decoder and the My Tango TV application (available on the App Store and Google Play).

This code also allows you to create a new user profile on your TV interface.

2. A user code

You must enter the user code the first time you use your TV decoder, and each time you change your user profile.

You will also be asked for this unique, personal code when you rent a video from our large range of videos on demand (VOD), or when you subscribe to additional channel packages.

Keep it in a safe place.

3. A parental control code

The parental code is used to unblock content blocked by the parental control function.

These 3 codes are indicated on your TV contract, provided at the time of subscription.

Tango Tip: on request, our Customer Service can send the codes to you by text message.

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