You are an existing Tango TV customer and want to switch to the new TV Box

You are an existing Tango TV customer and want to switch to the new TV Box
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Tango launches its new TV in 2024!

Discover a totally redesigned, more fluid and intuitive interface that brings together all your favorite content in one place.

To take advantage, replace your current set-top box with our new TV Box. Your current terms and conditions will remain unchanged (same price, no re-contracting).

We recommend you make the switch as soon as possible, as your old set-top box will soon be deactivated.

Find below the key points of this change.


1. How to get your new TV Box?

There are two ways to obtain the new TV Box:

  1. In-store - You can visit one of our points of sale to collect your new TV Box. On-site staff will assist you with the process. 
  2. By delivery - We can also deliver the new box to your home. Please take delivery times into account. Call 27 777 624 to place your order.​​​​​



2. How to install and connect your new TV Box?



3. You have received a letter or e-mail with codes. What are them?

The letter or e-mail you have received contains important codes that are necessary for activating your new TV Box. Please keep these codes in a safe place.



4. What should you do with your old TV Box?

Tango does its part for the environment by recovering and recycling your old TV Box.
You can drop it off at a Tango point of sale (https://www.tango.lu/en/shops) or send it to the following address: Proximus Luxembourg S.A. - Service Logistique - 18 rue du Puits Romain L-8070 Bertrange



5. Can you keep your recordings after changing TV Box?

Unfortunately, due to the difference in technology between old and new TV Boxes, you won’t be able to keep your recordings after changing TV Boxes. We therefore recommend to watch or save your recordings before switching to the new box.



6. You have been unable to activate your new TV Box

If you encounter any difficulties while activating your new TV Box, please contact our customer service on 27 777 624 for immediate assistance. Our agents will be glad to help you.



7. Will there be any changes to your contract?

Replacing your TV Box does not entail any changes to your contractual terms and conditions. We recommend that you consult the terms and conditions, and contact our customer service if you have any specific questions or concerns.


We hope this guide will help you collect and install your new TV Box. If you need any further information, please contact us. We are here to help!


To find out everything about the new Tango TV, you can download the user guide here.


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