Understanding everything on your bill

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First page

  • The account number is your identifier. You must quote it when you interact with Tango or as a reference on your bank transfers.
  • The due date on your bill is the date on which your bill is considered due.
  • The billing period is every month. You will receive a statement on more or less the same date, covering your usage and subscriptions for the previous month. Small-scale consumers should note that this period may group several months.
  • Your subscriptions and other services make up the total of all subscription fees (Internet, TV, telephone, etc.) for the current month. The total for your subscriptions is expressed without taxes with the relevant VAT. If you have recently switched to another subscription, you may find that the bill covers more than one month, with an amount corresponding to both the old and the new subscription. For more details about your subscriptions, consult the next pages of your statement.
  • The communications part is composed of the charges not included in your subscription. Details can be found on page 3.
  • In the total of this bill you will find the total amount for all your lines; all amounts include VAT.
  • The balance carried forward is your previous balance. The amount takes into account unpaid bills and overpayments on your Tango customer account. An amount preceded by the "–" sign is an overpayment. The amount is in that case deducted from your bill.
  • The balance to be paid: this sum includes the total for the month concerned and possibly the balance carried forward. This is the amount that will be deducted at the end of the month.

Depending on your method of payment it appears in two forms:

  • If you have a direct debit: "New balance debited from your bank account on XX". The amount due will be automatically debited from your account.
  • If you don't have a direct debit: You can pay your bill on your "My.tango.lu" customer area our your MyTango app.

Second page
All prices detailed include VAT.

  • Subscriptions and other services: details of fixed fees: subscription, options
  • Communications: this line shows the total amount of your communications excluding fixed fees.
  • Discounts and Adjustments: total of adjustments made to your Tango Customer account are credit or debit notes issued following bill corrections or commercial initiatives. These adjustments correspond either to credit or debit notes made following bill corrections or commercial initiatives.

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