Understand how premium services for which I am charged for works.

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Understanding how you are billed for premium rate content

  • What is a premium rate text message?

Tango partners with companies that provide you with premium rate content, services such as weather, news, jokes, ringtones, images, games, horoscopes, chat, fortune-telling, but also street parking or Luxembourg City documents.

When you are billed for this type of content, it is a premium service provided by a third party (a content editor), to which you have subscribed by text message. This means that you have purchased content: logos, ringtones, competitions, mobile payments, paying for parking, etc., the cost of which appears on your Tango bill.

When you sign up, you will receive a text message informing you of the cost of the service, the nature of the subscription, and a code to confirm the subscription.

Usually the user of the line subscribes to this type of service:

  • by sending a text message directly to a special number;
  • by entering their mobile phone number on a web page and then sending a text message to a special number to confirm the subscription;

Some of these services are subscriptions, others are competitions. The price of the service is communicated directly to you by the editor via advertisements, radio/TV announcements, marketing text, or email.

If it is a subscription, you will have received a text message explaining how to unsubscribe (usually by sending "Stop" to a specific short number).

Please note that in case of a subscription running for more than one month, the editor will send you a text message with the cost of the subscription each month.

Billing depends on the type of content or subscription you have taken out. You may be charged only for text messages you have sent to a short number or only for text messages you have received.

When a bill is issued for this type of service on your line, Tango will text you when you reach the threshold of 5, 20, 50 and 100 EUROS for the current month.

These amounts correspond to the billed amount shown on your next Tango bill, but you can also track your consumption outside the fixed rate plan directly via the My Tango app.


  • How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time by following the procedure sent to you by text message directly from the editor.

If you wish to block premium rate content on your line, you can do so completely independently via your personal "My online bill" space.

  1. Log in and go directly to the "Line management" tab, then choose the line concerned.
  2. Click on the small wheel in front of the line concerned and choose the option "Management of blocking services".
  3. You can now block/unblock premium rate content such as:
  • Downloading of premium rate content
  • Calls to "900" numbers
  • Premium text message services

!! Please note!!! This will also block the possibility of performing operations such as paying for street parking and Luxembourg City documents.

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