Invoice Help: What to Do if the Invoice is Unpaid?

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Not paid a bill? It can happen. If you do not pay on time, we will send you reminder messages.

How are you informed?

Your bill has a "due date" on it. By that date we must have received your payment in full, unless you dispute an amount.
If we don't receive your payment by the due date, Tango will send you one or more reminders by text message and then by post.
If you receive such a text message, you either failed to make the payment or didn’t pay correctly, or, in the case of a direct debit, there were insufficient funds in your account.

If you do not pay despite the text message reminders, we will send you a final reminder by post, with the associated administrative charge.


Have your Internet/TV access and landline been cut?

Should you still fail to pay after the last reminder and the disconnection text message, your access to the telephony, TV and Internet service will be suspended.
We advise you to:

  • Check the total amount outstanding (indicated on the last reminder) or visible on the "My.tango.lu" space.
  • Pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible via "My.tango.lu", by bank transfer or, if no other options are available to you, at one of our points of sale.

After confirmation of the payment, you will be able to make phone calls, watch TV and surf the Net again.

If, despite the suspension of your access to our services, you do not make the payment, the service will be definitively terminated.


How to be reconnected faster in case of disconnection?

In order to ensure a faster reconnection of your line. We invite you to pay online from the "My bill online" space (by entering your bill and customer number), to visit a Tango shop or to scan the Payconic QR code on your bill.

Bank transfer requires more processing time


Tango Tip: avoid getting to the stage of disconnection, as a reconnection charge of 60€ may apply. Opt to pay by direct debit to ensure correct and timely payment.


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