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Welcome to Tango

The whole team thanks you for choosing Tango. Starting with us could not be easier! In this article, you will find all the steps you need to follow as a new customer or to change your subscription.


Choosing my new subscription

There are three options for getting a new line or changing your subscription easily: You can take out our subscriptions (mobile, Internet and TV) at any time from our website, at the “Tango point of sale” or by phone by calling our Customer Service.


If you are already a Tango customer, remember to check the expiry date of your commitment before subscribing online.


→ To find out about all the current good deals, please consult our chat in the " Deals & News " section ​😉​ 

 Open my line and keep my landline or cell phone number (portability)

You can keep your telephone number when you come to Tango, regardless of your Luxembourg operator. All you need to do is specify your operator when you take out your subscription.


  • Keeping your cell phone number:

Have your current operator's card with you. You will receive your new Tango SIM card.

We'll send you an SMS telling you the date your number will be available with Tango.
On that date, you'll just need to insert your new Tango SIM card in your cell phone. You will then be a Tango customer and will benefit fully from all the advantages of the offer you have chosen.
You don't have to do anything else!

Tango will take care of terminating your contract, transferring your number and activating your line.


  • Keeping your landline number:

Have your last bill from your current operator ready. Once installed, don't forget to cancel your subscription with your former operator.



The portability does not release you from the contractual and financial obligations of the old contract. You must respect the contractual obligations agreed with your former operator and, in particular, pay all your bills (communications, subscriptions and services).

Documents required to subscribe to Tango

At the point of sale:

  • If you are not yet a Tango customer our advisers will ask you for:

→ An identity card

→ A CNS card

→ A residence certificate


If you are taking out a phone with your subscription, you will also need your last three pay slips.

You should also know that we will ask you for a security deposit in line with the value of the phone. The deposit can be taken by credit card or in cash. It will be returned, on request, after six months if all the bills have been paid correctly.


  • If you are already a Tango customer, our advisors will ask you for:

→ An identity card




  • If you are not a Tango customer, you will need:

→ Identity card

→ Luxembourg IBAN

→ Luxtrust ID


  • If you are already a Tango customer, your Tango account number is sufficient.

Check my commitment to change my offer

Depending on the remaining duration of your contract, you can change mobile phones without any restrictions or after paying any potential costs under your previous contract. Above all, it is important to check this information.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to start a discussion with our 24/7 chat, which will inform you about the expiry date of your subscription.


Please note that if you have subscribed to a cell phone, Internet, TV or Duo offer, the commitment period is 24 months.

For cell phone subscriptions without a phone, the commitment period is 12 months.



Tango supports you!

To find out more about the purchasing process, read this article:

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Still have questions?

For all your questions about your commitment, your subscription and much more, consult the Tango chat available 24/7! If necessary, it can put you directly in touch with one of our advisors (Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm).


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