Applying for a proxy

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Find out how to give proxy to someone over your Tango account


What is a proxy?

A proxy allows the holder of a Tango contract to authorize a designated person (the proxy holder) to manage his or her contract in the same way as the holder.

The person you give proxy to can, for example, not only take out a new subscription with or without a mobile phone, or even an option, but also request information about the Tango account.

Having proxy on your lines will allow the proxy holder to make all changes for you.

Regardless of the number of proxies, the holder remains responsible for his or her contract.


How to give proxy?

Simply complete this form and send it back to us here.

The processing of the request takes approximately 15 days from receipt of a complete file. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your request, and then a confirmation e-mail when your proxy is effective.


Note: Do not forget to attach a photocopy of your identity documents (the account holder's and the proxy holder's), identity card or passport, with the completed form, when sending it!


Canceling a proxy

It’s simple: Send your request here, specifying that you wish to cancel a proxy, with the name of the proxy holder.

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