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Find out how to add your + smartphone subscription to the cart and complete your order!

  • Step 1: I choose my subscription

To choose your mobile subscription, go here.

You access this page of our site.


  • Step 2: I choose my mobile

Nothing could be simpler, after selecting your subscription you can choose your mobile by clicking on "Choose this mobile".


  • Step 3: I validate my basket

To validate your basket, all you have to do is verify that your subscription and your mobile meet your needs and click on "Confirm my cart".

  • Step 4: I complete my personal information

1. If I am already a Tango customer

Prepare :

  • Tango account number (find it on your invoice or sending "ACCOUNT" by SMS to 62000)
  • Name / first name of the account holder
  • Your delivery address in Luxembourg

Please fill in your personal information and click on "Next".

Then, you can choose to keep your phone number or have a new one.This is also when you choose whether you want an eSim or a classic SIM card.

2. I am a new Tango customer or a prepaid customer

Prepare :

  • Your Luxtrust token (more help)
  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your Luxembourg IBAN account number
  • Your delivery address in Luxembourg (for the delivery of your device)


  •  Step 5: I choose the delivery method

  • Step 6: I check my data and confirm my order

  • Step 7: I am accompanied

Following your order, you will receive a summary e-mail.

Rest assured, Tango will accompany you in your order 😉

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