Paying for your Apple iOS purchases on your Tango bill

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What is operator billing?
Operator billing allows Tango customers to pay for their Apple iOS purchases (App Store, Apple Music, iBooks, iTunes and iCloud) by having them charged directly to their Tango mobile bill. When making an Apple iOS purchase, the customer will receive the detailed bill for their purchase via their Apple ID and will pay the amount due to Apple via his or her Tango mobile bill.

Who can activate this payment method for Apple iOS purchases?
Operator billing is open to all Tango customers with an iTunes account (excluding business customers, prepaid customers and blocked bundle customers). iTunes purchases can be made on an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod Touch, or Apple TV via the Tango mobile bill.

Can I take advantage of this billing service if I have a blocked bundle?
No, the blocked bundle is intended to block all out-of-bundle items not included in the subscription, such as App Store, Apple Music, iBooks, iTunes, and iCloud purchases.

How do you activate operator billing?
The detailed procedure is set out here

This payment method is activated by means of the Apple ID and this thus becomes the default payment method for future Apple purchases. To activate it, simply go to the application settings on your phone and:
Go to the "Billing" menu of your Apple account and tap "Via operator" to select this payment method.
Enter your mobile account data, click on "Finish" and validate.

You will receive a validation code by text message.
Enter this code and click "OK" and confirm.
Once your code has been verified, you will be redirected to the "Account settings" screen. Then, click on "Finish".

Can I activate and deactivate operator billing at any time?
Yes, to do this, simply go to the application settings and change your payment method in the settings of your iPhone.

What are the advantages of operator billing?
Having your purchases charged to your Tango mobile bill allows you to pay for your iTunes purchases via your monthly bill at no charge. It's a simple and secure way to pay for your Apple iOS purchases such as your Apple Music subscription, apps and games downloaded from the App Store, or additional iCloud storage space. These purchases may be one-time purchases or subscriptions.

Are there any additional fees charged by the operator?
No, this service is free and therefore no extra charges are applied when you use this payment method for your Apple iOS purchases. What will be charged to your Tango bill is the exact amount due for the content you purchased on App Store, Apple Music, iBooks, iTunes and iCloud.

What information will appear on my bill and how can I view the details of my iTunes purchases?
With an Apple iOS purchase, you receive the itemized bill via your Apple ID but you pay the amount due to Apple via your Tango mobile bill. The amount due to Apple will only be debited via your mobile bill and cannot be withheld. On your Tango mobile bill, your Apple iOS purchases will be listed in the "Downloads (games, ringtones, mobile payments, App Store,etc.)" section. The details that will then be listed on your Tango bill are:

  • The date and time of purchase
  • An Apple purchase reference number

In compliance with the "Personal Data Protection Policy", the details of the Tango bill will not include any personal information on the Apple iOS purchase. The Apple purchase reference number on the Tango mobile bill will enable you to find the content and details of your purchase via your Apple ID using the support page.

Who should I contact if I have a complaint or if I’m not satisfied with my iOS purchase?
The purchase of content or a service from App Store, Apple Music, iBooks, iTunes and iCloud is a transaction concluded between the customer and Apple. Tango only serves as a vehicle for paying for purchases. In the event of a dispute or a request to cancel a purchase or subscription, you must contact Customer Service directly by going to the support page.

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