Managing a mobile failure

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Something wrong with your mobile?

Your phone has a 24-month warranty. We will take care of the repair if you purchased it from Tango.
Go to one of our points of sale; a salesperson will advise you.

To start the repair process, bring your purchase invoice, mobile phone, and any accessories with you. Your mobile will be repaired as quickly as possible.

Under the warranty (valid for 2 years after purchase), the repair of your mobile phone (excluding the battery and accessories) is subject to certain conditions.
If your phone is out of warranty, you will be charged for the repair costs.

Obtaining a mobile on loan

The loan of a mobile phone only concerns customers who bought their phone with a Tango subscription.
Tango cannot guarantee that you will be lent a phone while your handset is in for repair. This depends on the availability of loan handsets and their distribution among the different points of sale.
Go directly to a Tango shop to get a mobile on loan. This service is chargeable and immediate.

NB: If the loan handset is not returned on time or if it is returned damaged, Tango will be entitled to bill you for the mobile handset at the selling price

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