Lost or stolen phone: what to do?

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Block your line

In the event you lose your mobile or it is stolen, log in to "My.tango.lu" or contact Customer Service to block your SIM card or eSIM and prevent fraudulent use of your line.

Insurance against theft or loss of your mobile

If you have taken out one of our "Tango Insurance by Baloise" insurance packages, your mobile is insured against theft and may be insured against loss. In that case, remember to specify this when you call.

Also note that some home, car or liability insurance policies also cover the risk of theft. Ask your insurer for more information!

A few tips

  • Use your mobile's security settings

All new mobiles have tools to increase security (lock, PIN code, etc.).

  • Save your phone data

The manufacturers offer a tool on their software to save your mobile phone data. Making regular backups allow you to keep the data of your old phone and install that data on your new phone.

  • Take precautions

Do not leave your phone in plain sight.
Don't lend your phone to someone you don't know.
Beware of pickpockets, especially in busy areas and when using public transport.

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