Discover the 4G box


What’s a 4G Box?

A 4G box is a router which includes a 4G SIM card, offering an alternative to a standard Internet connection for certain scenarios, e.g. no access to fiber, slow network, occasional or temporary use, etc. It can be used in many situations!

With the 4G Box included in the 4G @ Home offer, you can take advantage of Tango's vast 4G network to connect all your home devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, game console, connected TV, etc.) up to 300GB/month!

You’ll be able to connect your devices either using Wi-Fi, or up to four devices plugged straight into the box using an Ethernet cable!

One of the many advantages of the 4G box is that it is so easy to install - you can do it yourself! Just insert a SIM card, connect a cable and you're ready to go!


How to set up the 4G Box?

Installing your 4G Box couldn’t be simpler. It’s all been designed to get you connected quickly and simply to the best 4G network directly in your home.

Follow these steps to install your 4G Box:

  •     Go to the store and pick up your 4G Box.
  •     Insert the Tango SIM card included in the 4G Box.
  •     Plug in your box.

And that's all there is to it!

Efficiency has rarely come so easily.


What happens if I exceed the included data volume?

Don't panic, if you manage to exceed the 300GB included in the offer, we automatically unlock additional data packs at a preferential rate to avoid nasty surprises. You will be notified of each additional pack unlocked: 10GB for € 2.

You will be able to track the use of your subscription, additional options and other overruns in detail by going to the "Estimate your bill for the current month" screen on the My Tango App, or by texting "INFO HOME" to 62000 from any number attached to the same account as your 4G @ Home subscription.


Can the box be used abroad?

The use of 4G @ Home is blocked abroad. You can use your box throughout Luxembourg.


How many devices can I connect to the box?

The 4G Box allows you to connect up to 64 devices simultaneously.

This means you can share your network with a whole lot of people!

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