Which Internet modem with a Tango Internet connexion ?

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With all its Internet subscriptions, Tango offers a modem for hire or sale that allows you to enjoy your Internet connection without worry.


For example, updates will happen automatically, troubleshooting can be done remotely and your modem will have a warranty.


If you still want to use your own equipment, here's what you need to know:

  • Only modems from the FRITZ! brand guarantee access to fixed telephony and Tango TV.
  • However, not all models are compatible with all offers. Please check here before installation:

Beware if you bought your FRITZ!Box in Germany. You will have to update it with the international version (more info).

  • If you choose another brand of modem, we will not support its configuration and Tango cannot guarantee that the fixed line and Tango TV will work. We will not handle support requests for your modem.

Technical settings for the configuration are as follows:


VLAN: 35

MTU: 1492

Connection mode: PPPoE

The username and password for PPPoE will be provided on simple request by our customer service upon verification of your identity. You can reach us on this forum or call us at 800 777 77.

IP settings (IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS servers, ...) will be pushed by the network to your router when the PPPoE tunnel is established.



  • Never configure IP settings in your router in a fixed way. Indeed, when changing one or more IP settings, these will have to be automatically adapted.
  • This holds good for any type of connection (private IP, dynamic public IP or fixed public IP).

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