The legacy telephone network is being phased out to make way for IP technology

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We are all familiar with the legacy telephone network (also known as the analog network) in our homes and those of our parents and grandparents, when the family’s fixed telephone connected to a telephone wall socket. Increasingly abandoned in recent years in favor of the IP technology that is replacing it, it is now reaching the end of its life and will gradually disappear from the landscape in Luxembourg and the rest of Europe. All operators are following suit.


This modernization is necessary to meet our growing needs for exchanges and communication, and to guarantee the optimal quality of the fixed telephony, Internet and television services laid on. Tango has already gradually modernized its networks and IP technology has been rolled out at most of our customers for several years now.


What is IP technology?

IP (Internet Protocol) technology is a universal communication protocol used by all operators for fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and television services. It makes world-wide data exchanges not only easier but also more reliable. This technology not only enhances the audio quality of our communications but speeds up data exchange over the Internet.


How do I know if I am affected by this change?

Only customers with an old ADSL offer still connected to the legacy telephone network are affected. If this is the case for you, switching your installation over to IP technology is necessary to avoid any service interruption. No need to panic, however, as the good news is that the quality of your fixed telephone line and Internet connection will be even better.


All impacted customers will be informed by a letter and a phone call from our services and an appointment with a technician will be scheduled at your home. The cost of the work will be fully covered by Tango.


If you are lucky enough to already have an Internet offer using IP technology, nothing will change for you.  You already benefit from an optimum quality service.


When will the change take place?

The legacy telephone network will be phased out throughout the country and for all operators between 2021 and 2024. If you are affected, you will be notified by our services in good time.


Will my Internet contract change?

The switch to IP technology requires you to change your current Internet offer to a more recent Tango offer. The most attractive offer will be proposed to you according to the eligibility of your address.

Your current contract features remain unchanged: you will be provided with a modem, your fixed communications are included and you keep your fixed telephone number. Please also note that this change of offer does not re-bind you.


If you have any questions or if you would like to implement this change without delay, please contact our Customer Service at 800 777 77 or via our contact form. You can also ask your question in the "Comments" area below.

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